9 Months After Playing Trump’s Inauguration, Chrisette Michele’s Career Is on Life Support

Chrisette Michele
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It was a $250,000 check for a 30-minute performance.  Now, Chrisette Michele says that playing Donald Trump’s Inauguration destroyed her career, got her dropped by Capitol, led to a miscarriage, and plunged her into a very deep depression.

She didn’t even get to shake Donald Trump’s hand.  But she did cash a check for $250,000, according to reports.  Actually, that performance fee may have been as high as $750,000, depending on which rumor you believe.

Either way, the real cost of playing that 30-minute gig has been extremely steep.

Now, the singer is profusely apologizing for the decision.  And she regrets the fallout and nastiness that followed her performance.  She’s also been struggling with extreme and continued hatred, all of which has pushed her to have suicidal thoughts.

Here’s what Michele told Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ early this morning.

DJ Envy (co-host): Do you regret even playing for the Inauguration?

Chrisette Michele: I regret everything that happened.  That was a bad choice.

Charlemagne the God (co-host): We told you not to do it, Chrisette.  

Michele: Yeah, I was going to say.  I know you guys were like —  well, that was after that fact — but I know you guys were like, ‘Chrisette that’s crazy’.  But a lot of times when you have a message of hope, a lot of times when you have a message of healing, a lot of times you think, ‘man, if I just have a message of healing, you think —  maybe it’s a self-righteous thing — ‘man if I just tell people things are going to be okay, they’ll hear me’.”

But none of that is going to get her major label deal back.

The singer revealed that she is no longer signed to Capitol Records, a division of Universal Music Group.  “If social media wanted to pull me down, I guess they succeeded as it pertains to Capitol & Caroline records,” Michele wrote. “I complete an entire album and my label decides to walk away from me. Capitol records.”

Michele says her career quickly plunged after the performance.  Fans quickly alienated the singer, especially after learning about a $250,000 payday.  “I was quiet for a few days… I go into the studio and literally poured out my heart and soul and the label decides to walk away from me? It’s one thing to be a strong black woman, it’s another thing to be a strong black woman who has to fight against the worst odds.

“I went from someone being revered and loved to facing putting out an album in the worst climate of my musical career.”

Andrea Bocelli Just Made a Brand New Enemy: Donald J. Trump…

Other artists backed out of Trump Inauguration performances, fearing exactly this fallout.  That includes Andrea Bocelli, who apparently canceled the Trump gig after a facing a ferocious backlash from fans.  Others canceling included Jennifer Holliday, who faced the possibility of getting blacklisted by the gay community.

Even a Bruce Springsteen cover band canceled amidst an avalanche of protest.

+ Jennifer Holliday Quits Trump Inauguration: ‘I Sincerely Apologize for My Lapse of Judgement’

Others flat-out turned down invitations, most notably Elton John, David Foster, and Charlotte Church.  The Rolling Stones were also apparently invited, while 50 Cent was offered $500,000 to endorse the Trump campaign.   All declined.

The backlash against Michele was fast and furious — starting with Spike Lee.

The director quickly canceled Chrisette Michele from an upcoming series, sparking an ugly exchange between the pair.   But instead of fans cheering Michele on, they largely abandoned her.  The deal was off, alongside numerous other gigs and opportunities.

The crumbling career subsequently plunged Michele into a deep depression.  The singer flatly admitted that she considered suicide, and lost her baby because of the fallout.  “So people ask me how I’m so positive after all I’ve been through.  When you’re laying in bed naked, next to a bottle of Bacardi and Xanax.  When you wear pajamas morning and night,” Michele posted on Instagram.

“When you don’t pick up the phone for weeks, months. When you’re afraid to look at social media.”

“A miscarriage? Me?”

Accordingly, it’s unclear if Chrisette Michele was drinking or taking drugs during the pregnancy.  “Something came out of me. It was my child,” Michele explained.  “The one my love and I worked so hard on. I never knew I could allow myself to be so broken that my physical body would break down.

“A miscarriage? Me? This experience of a broken nation showed itself in my own physical body.  That was when I knew I had to pull it together. Heal, forgive. Just because I had a negative experience didn’t mean I had to become negative and broken.”

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      • Anonymous

        But isn’t that’s why she played it in the first place, because everyone had forgotten her?

    • Tamika

      Girl shut up no sympathy you were in it for the money now you got it and realized non of them white folks you performed for like your music haha

      • Destny Brown

        Yes, she was in it for the money and now that things haven’t gone her way, she’s crying. Well too late now. I guess she’s one of those that thought 45 was the ‘Next New Wonder of the World’ and she would share the benefits. Now she is sharing in the negative side effects.

        • Anonymous

          She didn’t vote for him. So no, she didn’t support him per se.

        • Me

          Chrisette, I have loved you from the very first song I heard you sing on the radio, Be O.K. From then on I started listening to you because there was something about your music and your voice especially that I deeply connected with. It’s like I can feel the emotions in your songs and I know exactly where you are coming from! To put the icing on the cake, you and I share the same birth date 12/8 (Nicki Minaj) as well! I was ecstatic when I found this out and I look at you as a big sister! So listen, everyone makes mistakes and we’ve all done things that we regret, BUT, GOD, still loves you and if he be for you, who can be against you?!?! Trust in GOD and watch him work it out for you! I LOVE YOU big sis!

      • Me

        It killed me when she said she didn’t even get introduced smh! So many people warned her. Not just black people either. I personally love her as a singer, but I wouldn’t buy anything from her. You don’t get to say she did it for us! To bridge the gap lol. I never asked her to jeopardize HER career to prove a point! When “your people” say walk away you should walk. I do pray she is able to bounce back. Maybe a overseas tour, paid with her Trump ?

      • BG

        I think she was not wrong for singing at Donald Trumps inauguration. She have to make her money just like everyone else and just because her fans are not fans of Donald Trump don’t mean she can’t make her money. Let’s be real for a minute, if someone told you they will disown you for taking a certain job or gig for 30 minutes and make 250,000 you wouldn’t do it? Don’t knock the hustle. I still support her. If her fans were real fans they would respect her decision. They don’t know her financial situation and she have bills to pay like everyone else. Singers get paid all the time to perform and sing at parties and events, so what y’all gonna do disown them because of that?. That’s not right. Michele, I do not think you were wrong, and the is coming from someone who is not a supporter of Donald Trump.

        • Countess

          Amen. It’s easy to tell someone to walk away from $250k when you don’t have another viable option for them. She got paid for performing at the inauguration. She didn’t have sex with a minor or marry her step son. But all you haters still listen to that pig R Kelly and watch movies by that lowlife Woody Allen. Leave this woman alone.

    • Anonymous

      The late Easy E attended a Republican Fund raiser and donated money.

      He is still considered a legend. Not a “turncoat”

  1. libbies so smart

    This just shows how shallow and intolerant the left really is…. just because an artist supports or doesn’t support a politician should not mean the end of your career…. These days left has this high and mighty attitude and can’t even talk or debate with people on the right. They immediately call the right names and blame them for everything…. sad really…. a lot of this stems from our extremely left leaning educational system in America.

    • NO

      interesting you say this, because I see more conservatives than ANYONE tell artists “stick to music. no politics, no politics” and “you just lost a fan” when an artist speaks out against trump. do not claim this is a left thing, considering most artists are left-leaning anyway.

      • KeithH

        The left is filthy with BS social justice warriors who are truly even worse when it comes to this than idiots on the right because they’ll blacklist a singer for playing an inauguration in America but then they’ll hurry up and send artists to apartheid Israel, or back them going there, or in the case of artists themselves, will hurry up and play there and then will cry when others rip them for doing so claiming “they’re just artists who need to eat and nobody should be using music for political capital”.

    • Paul Resnikoff is an asshat

      Trump made her drink Bacardi and take Xanax HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

      • Anonymous

        She didn’t say that Trump did. She said the backlash that she received was the cause. Reading comprehension can really take you a long way.

    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of Trump supporters to support Chrisette Michele’s music, so go support her! As for me, and the 62 million Americans who did not vote for Trump, for fear of the direction he would take the country in, it is NOT our job to support Chrisette, her music nor her $250,000 payout. Do not fault Democrats and liberals for choosing not to purchase her music. Do you go out and buy every band’s music out there? If her career is failing perhaps YOU GUYS have done a shitty job of support an artist who went with your candidate. So get off your high horse and buy her music if you want to support her and other artists that love Trump. I for one choose to spend my money else where!!!

      • Jd

        Thats rite. Let them Trump supporters buy her music and he didn’t come and shake her hand especially since nobody else wanted nothing to do with Don the con


        I hear you but have you ever made a decision without getting wisdom? This is what happened here. Everyone was warning her and the love of money was the root of the evil that befell her. But Chrissie Michele God is still on his throne hold on to him and don’t let go. He will redeem your situation in no time.

      • Destiny Brown

        I don’t know where all these ’62 Millions’ aren’t buying her music. Oh yea, I forgot, she doesn’t have a record company to produce her music. I guess the producers aren’t one of the ’62 Million’ people that didn’t vote for 45!

    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of Trump supporters to support Chrisette Michele’s music, so go support her! As for me, and the 62 million Americans who did not vote for Trump, for fear of the direction he would take the country in, it is NOT our job to support Chrisette, her music nor her $250,000 payout. Do not fault Democrats and liberals for choosing not to purchase her music. Do you go out and buy every band’s music out there? If her career is failing perhaps YOU GUYS have done a shitty job of supporting an artist who went with your candidate. So get off your high horse and buy her music if you want to support her and other artists that love Trump. I for one choose to spend my money else where!!!

      • Wanda

        I agree!! It’s done and over with… She lost her child. This world act like they never made a mistake?

    • Nunya

      It’s called RIGHTS. Just as she has her beliefs, SO DO THE REST OF US, And the rest of us choose not to support her any longer because she supports CUNTS such as trump, that’s OUR RIGHT TO DO SO. Trying to blame her miscarriage on others. Her conscience is what made her lose that baby…

    • Anonymous

      It does when it’s trump for a black artist to sing at anything for him I’d a slap in the face he hates black people point blank. For her to do that was a slap in the face simple as that.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a racist and she should have never done it! You love and care about her so much, give her a job

    • Evelyn Brown

      And Country music are not mostly Right wingers? Give me a break.

    • Anonymous

      Her choice, to go and do what she wanted. Our choice not to buy her music. You say that as the right burn jerseys sneakers n break coffee pots.

    • EZ

      You can’t talk or debate with Chump supporters or people on the right because they are allergic to facts.

    • Dajour

      Rubbish!!!! we need to stop normalizing foolishness in this country. Donald trump is an idiot with a strong criminal background. The education in this country is crap.. nothing left of right about … its just total crap and is producing a country full of idiots too… – we build more prison that we do universities – so please stop with the stupid analogy!!!

    • Baba

      Well then you buy her shit then… and tell you 45 butt lovin’ freinds to buy also. You be Cap’nSavaho’!

    • Shut It Down

      Where was the right to pick her up and keep her afloat when she reached out to y’all to become her fans?

      Thoughts so… Sit all the way down!!

    • Sandman

      Umm, the Dixie Chicks got death treats from the right, remember that?

    • Anonymous

      Dixie chicks called… they want to know what rose coloured world you live in.

    • Anonymous

      So ALL would be great if American education was right wing oriented?…. I AM SURE!

  2. Paul Resnikoff is an asshat

    Gimme a break… I know Resnikoff and co. hate Trump… no harm there – reasonable adults can disagree. but seriously – she is ” laying in bed naked, next to a bottle of Bacardi and Xanax” and has a miscarriage and goes into depression and this is somehow Trumps fault? You fkn clowns are priceless.

    • Anonymous

      I did not read ANYWHERE in the article where she said “I was naked and contemplating suicide and had a miscarriage because of Donald Trump ” She CLEARLY said it was due to her decision to perform, which she regrets….oh and ur an azz.

  3. Jazz

    I blame her thirsty bloodsucking husband… I mean “man”ager who authoritated the decision

  4. Darryl

    This just proves how fake people are. If she were to perform for Obama they would of cheered here on.

    • Jazz

      Duh cuz Obama isn’t a racist msyoginist. Who brags about wanting to fuck his daughter!?

  5. JaNeen Jarrett

    People are something else so too faced but one thing she has an amazing voice beautiful God wont let the ignorance last long keep your head up trouble dont last always

  6. Royale

    If she’d did it for free!
    As we say “All money ain’t good money”

  7. Sherrell

    These are very dark days for our country, we place unrealistic expectations on individuals demanding artist to take sides “OUR SIDE IN PARTICULAR” somewhere we’ve lost the right to have a voice, a message of hope. What ever happened to the “WE ARE THE WORLD” songs or “WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW, IS LOVE SWEET LOVE” songs ? We’ve become such a puppet master society. Let me be clear, I AM NO TRUMP SUPPORTER, MY OPINION OF HIM AND HIS FLAWED LEADERSHIP IS SHARED BY MANY, I EXERCISE MY VOICE THROUGH MY VOTE, but honestly, I am SO SAD that one of my MOST LOVED FEMALE VOCAL ARTIST *Chrisette Michele* is being blackballed for her musical platform. I listen to her music constantly because her craft is Amazing and has nothing to do with the fact that’s she’s black, a woman, signed with Capital, knows spike Lee, Jay-Z, NBC all the damn way to X-Y-Z. It’s her talent & her ability to validate through music certain emotions within my own personal life, often times her music translated to a message of hope. Lord Help Us All, never thought I’d see the day when SO MUCH HATRED would be so widely RESPECTED as the NEW NORMAL, and yet, here we are.

    • Jermaine Omat, London .

      Geez Sherelle 🙂 , I love the way you write 🙂 . Beautiful communicator/writer you are 🙂 .

    • Anonymous

      I think a big part of her problem is that she is very poorly managed. I went to her Los Angeles shows in 2016 and 2017. She was late to the 2016 show (Long Beach Jazz fest), and she only sang one song. The 2017 (Nokia) show had a lot of technical problems. She also cancelled another show in 2016 (Long Beach Terrace Theater). VERY disappointing. I was done with her BEFORE her Trump performance.

  8. Bridget.rufus@gmail.com

    Be slow to Judge because one day you might have to look in the mirror. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  9. Anonymous

    Questlove offered her the same $250K…NOT TO PLAY THAT VENUE FOR TRUMP !
    If it was just about the money, she should have taken his $ instead of Donald Dump’s who wouldn’t even meet with her afterward or shake her hand. F&*k her, she was warned. I burned all her Cd’s in my fireplace and her record label dropped her.

    • Anonymous

      Your father probably paid the same money for your mother not to have you, but.. well, here you are.


      • Me

        You’re real upset and lacking worth. There’s zero reason for you to be alive and yet…here you are. That’s unfortunate.

    • Anonymous


      She did some high level buck dancing for that check…and is getting her just rewards.

  10. Anonymous

    Just cause she was paid to sing doesn’t mean she is a Trump supporter. It was a job. I love chrissett music she is very talented. If she would have done it for free then thats a different story. Fuck Trump

    • KissMyNuts

      And your ass probably doesn’t even have a car. Walking Shoe Music.

      • Me

        The fact that you’re bothered brings me joy. Hopefully you’ll pass away sooner rather than later.

  11. Rhonda

    I am angry at her because she let this get to her so that it resulted in her having a miscarriage!! Face it, people are assholes, as you can see from some of these comments, so to hell with people! You should have protected your baby!

  12. Anonymous

    I still support her music. I wouldn’t say it was a poor choice, but i will say it was a slight blow in the face. Considering she was a protege of the legendary Prince. It was hard to take end and she will bounce back. She just gotta let the people know it was a career move and not a Political expression.

  13. Rashida Watt

    I still support her music. I wouldn’t say it was a poor choice, but i will say it was a slight blow in the face. Considering she was a protege of the legendary Prince. It was hard to take end and she will bounce back. She just gotta let the people know it was a career move and not a Political expression.

  14. I Don't Trust Yall

    Yall are full of shit! Many of you work for motherfuckers that NOBODY likes all the time… but you still collect them checks. Some of you are probably government workers. YOU WORK FOR THE SAME PIECE OF SHIT THAT SHE WORKED FOR FOR 1 DAY. Hypocrite ass folks.

    • longloxx82

      I can point out a glaring difference between a music artist that had options for that same money and your average everyday Joe trying to put food on the table.

      ?uestlove offered her the same money to not perform and she took the job anyway so it wasn’t about money. She had OPTIONS. She sold herself on the world stage. she was warned not to do it but she thought it would get her a leg up in her career as opposed to destroying it.

      No one is being hypocritical here, we just see things for what they are. She broke a cardinal rule.

      • Tony

        I agree somethings you just have to think about before you do it. I guarantee if she would have turned it down she still would be where she’s at if not higher as they say all money isn’t good money.

    • Countess

      Thank you for saying this. How many government workers quit their jobs when 45 was elected? Cause you are all working for the same man. Leave this woman the freak alone! Friggin hypocritical ass wipes!

  15. Paiulette

    Her choice brought about consequence. There are always consequences to any Choice be it right wrong or indifferent

  16. Anonymous

    I wish they did this to Kanye West. But somehow somewhere he still making music with no problem. It’s sad when our ppl. need us the most. When we turn our back on them. Don’t be upset when they go to the other side and make better moves.

  17. Anonymous

    I look on the right and I see an hear people who sound like Nazi fascist. Then I look on the left an I see an hear the same hatefulness. It seems that which ever side was to gain absolute control would be a dictatorship the likes of nothing we’ve seen before. Black people realising the destruction of another “black” person but love to yell “black lives matter?” …. Oh,but only black lives that bow down an submit to out dictatorial,controlling demands to do, think, talk, sing an behave as is acceptable to us? This attitude an behavior is disgusting to me. It’s so twisted, wicked an evil.

    I’m no Trump supporter an never will be but to see my people act so hateful to another one of us, who has been through losing a child an suffing so deeply and even apologising and people are so cruel an unforgiving, sickens me. Those of you who have this attitude should be ashamed. You have mothers, daughter’s, sisters, aunt’s and women in your life that you know you would be grieved for them,hurt an devastated to see them treated like this no matter what they did. You better take a long look in the mirror and if you’re ok an comfortable with the person you see….I pity you. 10 out of 10 people die an will stand before a Holy God to give an account of every word and deed…. an I pity the person who is still in their sin when they do.

    • Longloxx82

      What you say is true. And yes you will get protection…but only if you are on code. This was off-code especially since ?uestlove offered her the same money not to do it. She didn’t think this through. Her fans turned on her, as is their right. Her community won’t support her because she is blatantly off code, and in the public eye no less.

    • Anonymous

      People have chosen for whatever reason to not support her. People who do have the same choice. Whether you like it or not, right or wrong, that is what it is about. Where are all her fans that still support her? They should still be buying her music; instead of trying to condemn those who don’t.

  18. Daniel Lynem

    My mistake, I wrote the comment above but failed to include my name because I sure didn’t want to be anonymous… It’s Daniel Lynem Sr…

  19. Jeffrey Holman aka Freedom Jones

    It’s a shame that the mans dislike levels so high that it destroyed your career. But this is a temporal thing sister , get back up off the ground and back into the ring . If one person supports you, others are bound to .

  20. Anonymous

    Ignored your black fan base to play for a racist and u really thought the trump supporters would keep your career alive. They dont even know who the f$*($!** you are and dont care. But u got a “message” for them. LMAO Loved u as a singer but I dont support anything that supports trump if I can avoid it.

  21. Mssnooty2shus

    Every one of your haters would have went for the money as well. Dont let the fools get to you. Poot them

  22. Pcoghill

    I knew it was a bad move from the beginning,and I didn’t know questlove offered her the same money not to do it. If it had been about the money there it was ,still a decent pay day not to do it. Bad decisions have consequences. I feel for her but really what did she think was going to happen. I hope she recovers love her voice.

  23. Tim neil

    I still love u Chel, please don’t stop singing we need that voicetim

  24. Black man

    I’m sure majority of her album sales came from the African American community and i wish we would stop being so hypocritical too! Her career tanked because she sang a damn song ONE TIME and we stoned her to death, but yet we still support kanye after he has been disrespecting his own culture for years!

    • Anonymous

      Why did you say we? Does that include yourself because it sure doesn’t include me. I don’t support these clowns.

  25. Dawg

    It couldn’t have happened to a better person, she deserved everything she got !

  26. Asake

    True to the 25th power!
    Chrisette made her choice as an adult reasoning woman, and it was for Trump…deal with it! Let all the Trumpsters support the rest of your music career.
    She has a beautiful perfect voice but her decision ruined anybody caring what it sounds like in the political community that opposes Trump.

  27. Antoinette

    She should have known better!!….so reap the consequences of your actions.

  28. Ernest

    To Chrisette Michele I wont to say this alot of people are going to say some negitve things about what you did. This record company or people in your circle may not understand. But if you look at it the way they are you will never get any where in life if you are doing something that you love and God gave it to you he will replace it. Ya some people had vote trump to be the president and some did not but God had a reason for Him being in office to put this world on our faces. We are praying for Mr Trump that God will place someone in his path to change his heart. Maybe God put you their to do what was in your heart. Some people are going to not understand what was in you. Just be strong and beleive that somebody heard you.

  29. Why?

    Who in their right minds wants to sing for a slug like Trump? I wished you would’ve said no. You live as you learn.

  30. Victoria

    I had the opportunity to see her live at the Long Beach jazz festival, pure talent…I was hoping she would turn down the gig, but sensing her personality, I knew she would accept. Sorry it didn’t work out….

  31. Anonymous

    She is a very talented singer & Fact I don’t have to like nor support you to take your money yes she made a bad choice but it’s was made so why blackball her for a decision that not knowing her Financial state that you or I may have made not knowing it would end her career but thinking it would add to her account who gives af who I’m performing for just give me my check you don’t get to choose who comes to your concerts you just do your job & leave fact depends on your Financial situation you may or may not have turned it down yourself be real with yourself & think about you bank account while being realistic & fact you can’t take her talent she is a natural but yet you will support a Tamara Braxton who can’t sing for real for dramatic unrealistic antics just stop please if you like a artist you really wouldn’t give af who they perform for because you like them that’s like saying I ain’t messing with you because you did her hair yes she paid you x amount of dollars but I don’t like her so yeah you good at doing hair but you can’t do mine anymore because you did your job & did her hair just stop America why take your hatred of trump out on a talented black women who just done a job fact

    • Anonymous

      Seems like it’s all about money for you. Principles are what make a person. We can tell by what people support, and why. Reputation is important. Your name is your is just that. Actors, singers, public officials that use their voice in campaigns, commercials, or to causes understand that. She the cosign they can either hurt or enhance their brand.

  32. Sumi

    There are plenty of artists that just continue to work their craft, day-in and day-out, that will never have a $250k payday. If she’s for-real …. then JUST DO THE WORK. … u can’t just beg for redemption

  33. Anonymous

    Most of the people she sang for didn’t even know who the hell she was..

  34. Collette

    God is going to bless you. Your testimony will help someone. I am praying for you. Yes people don’t like Trump but he’s in there. We just need to come together and work together and change things that need to be changed. ( Oh yeah I am a woman of God and God knows my feelings on that. ) Gotta love him not his ways regardless.

  35. Confused

    She tried to save Trump but didn’t try to save her own child. Wow! Sometimes we just have to admit when we wrong, take responsibility for our own decisions, forgive ourselves and move on.

  36. Chaz

    Girl when that song ended, so did your career. We tried to warn you.