The Top 10 Music Industry Stories of the Week

Top 10 Music Industry Stories This Week
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DMN rewinds to bring you the top 10 music industry stories this week.

1. Breaking: Led Zeppelin Triumphs In ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Infringement Case.

The long, expensive, messy ‘Stairway to Heaven’ case is over.  On June 23rd, a California federal jury officially rejected claims that Led Zeppelin stole the opening riff to their hit song, ‘Stairway To Heaven’.  The accusation was that the band blatantly lifted the critical guitar progression from a song called ‘Taurus,’ originally composed and performed by the rock band Spirit… Read more.

2. 180+ Music Artists Appeal For Urgent DMCA Reform.

The DMCA reform battle continues.  The DMCA was enacted in 1998, and was forged during the formative years of the internet. In the current atmosphere, it simply isn’t doing enough to prevent piracy, and often encourages it.  Just moments after infringing content is taken down from a place like Google results, the exact same content is commonly re-uploaded. That forces content owners to… Read more.

3. Report: Authorities Concealed Stockpiles of Child Pornography at Michael Jackson’s Residence.

Michael Jackson may have been a seriously sick individual.  Authorities discovered stockpiles of child pornography and disgustingly lewd images of animal torture at Michael Jackson’s residence at Neverland Ranch, but didn’t disclose those findings to the general public according to a recently published report.  The image pile also included depictions of S&M, strange collages of children’s faces pasted on adult bodies, and… Read more.

4. A List of Every Item Discovered by Police In Michael Jackson’s Residence (NSFW).

Page 4: Evidence Item #507. Piece of notebook paper, with drawn image of boy inside a circle. Impressions of writing from words written on other sheets on top of this one in the pad; indecipherable words. Evidence Item #508. Book with images of ‘nude teenagers and/or young adults,’ located in upstairs library area of video/game room.  The book was titled… Read more.

5. Festival Owner Charges Bands To Play, Cancels Fest, Skips Town With The Money.

One band who paid $1,000 to play the festival learned just before they were going to make the 3 hour trek to play LaconiaFest in Laconia, New Hampshire that the headliner for that evening, Sevendust, had pulled out.  This band started inquiring about what happened but their point of contacts were MIA.  They could only go off of what LaconiaFest posted on the Facebook page which was that the remaining days of the festival were… Read more.

6. Yes, Streaming Music Will Have 500 Million Paying Subscribers by 2019.

The following is an interview with ONErpm founder and CEO Emmanuel Zunz, one of the most bullish executives on streaming music’s growth potential.  Zunz is all blue sky, though he’s also backing his enthusiasm with free streaming distribution for all artists, a huge move that’s part of a broader, walk-the-walk approach to digital music distribution… Read more.

7. YouTube Is Now Facing Serious Scrutiny In Europe.

Frustration against YouTube is now a global emotion.  On Monday, 180+ music artists sent an open letter to US Congress pleading for urgent DMCA reforms.  This was part of a continued effort to prevent online platforms, like YouTube, from exploiting the work of artists.  The letter came after a similar call for reform back in April, one in which 400 artists, songwriters, music managers… Read more.

8. Britain Exits EU, What Does The Music Industry Have To Say?

Music industry speaks up on Britain’s planned exit from EU.  Last night, after 43 long years of being part of the European Union, Britain voted itself out.  52% voted to leave the EU, with the remainder voting to stay.  Below are responses from trade bodies, IFPI, BPI and AIM in the music industry.  Frances Moore, CEO of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) released a statement, which reads… Read more.

9. Drake Sued for Ordering a Hit on His Producer.

Don’t say no to Drake, or you’ll get knocked the f–k out by his bodyguard.  According to a report by TMZ, Drake is now being sued by rapper and producer Detail, also known as Noel Fisher.  The accusation is that the rapper ordered his bodyguard to beat him up. Fisher says that his working relationship with Drake was solid up until 2014, when… Read more.

10. Toronto Maple Leafs Say Snoop Dogg Is Smoking Their Logo.

Illustrious rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dog — aka Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. — is now embroiled in a trademark battle with one of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. The Maple Leafs believe that the rapper’s logo for his marijuana product line bears a striking resemblance to the hockey team’s logo.  Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment owns the Maple Leafs hockey team, and have asked the courts if… Read more.