Garth Brooks Tops Donald Trump’s Inauguration Performer List

Will Garth Brooks Lead the Donald Trump White House Inauguration?
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Will Garth Brooks Lead the Donald Trump White House Inauguration?
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Image by fatherspoon (CC by 2.0)

Will Garth Brooks play at the White House inauguration for Donald Trump? Will anybody?

Just a little over a month ago, Donald Trump pulled off a stunning upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Americans at top states voted for Trump, making him the next American president. Now, Donald Trump’s team is pulling out all the stops to bring top musicians for his White House inauguration. Will that include top country star Garth Brooks?

Sources close to the planning told Variety that casino mogul Steve Wynn is looking for top performers. This includes musicians like Lee Greenwood and Garth Brooks.

However, Wynn faces a difficult task. Most of the music and entertainment industry lined up against Donald Trump. For example,

  1. Top artists like Ariana Grande, Cher, Snoop Dogg, and Cher used social media to lament Donald Trump’s victory. Emotions ranged from shock to fear, anger and hate, and even literal tears.
  2. Guns N Roses hosted a literal Donald Trump “bash” in Mexico City. The rock group held up a Donald Trump piñata. Fans and group members took turn beating the piñata.
  3. Elton John’s publicist said the singer will NOT play at the White House inauguration, despite reports to the contrary. The gay community blasted the singer for allegedly agreeing to play.

  4. At the American Music Awards, Green Day famously shouted, “No KKK, No Donald Trump, No Fascist America.”
  5. The Beastie Boys believes the president-elect supports homegrown terrorism against Jews and minorities.
  6. Rick Ross could face federal charges for rapping about killing the president-elect.
  7. Despite saying he wouldn’t vote, Marilyn Manson beheaded Donald Trump in a music video teaser.

At Barack Obama’s inauguration, A-list performers played in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Artists included U2, Bruce Springsteen, and Pete Seeger. Artists supporting Hillary Clinton included Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Justin Timberlake, among others.

Sources close to Trump told Variety that the president-elect prefers a more traditional approach. Thomas Barrack, who chairs the inaugural committee describes the ceremony as,

“[a] seamless canvas of harmony, inclusion and democracy.”

So, if most the music industry is against Trump, who exactly will show up? In good news for the president-elect, however. A week ago, TMZ asked Garth Brooks if he would play at Donald Trump’s White House inauguration. He said,

“I haven’t been asked yet. [But] it’s always about serving. It’s what you do.”

It’s unclear who will show up for the inauguration ceremony.

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  1. Angel

    Garth! Shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. Great patriotic songs!

  2. Remi Swierczek

    I will always support the Republican Party because Donald Trump is my boyfriend.

  3. Rick Shaw

    Good to know that Steve Wynn is trying to help Trump out with this. Instead of booking my upcoming Las Vegas stay at his hotel, I’ll go somewhere else.