Golden Globes Ratings Sink 64% To a 13-Year Low — Are the Grammys Next?

Recording Academy Hosted Grammy Ratings Hit Another Near-Low, Down 24% from 2017
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The 78th Golden Globes experienced a 64 percent year-over-year viewership falloff, prompting some to ask whether the Grammys will also suffer a popularity decline when they air this coming Sunday, March 14th.

The 2021 Golden Globes attracted just 6.9 million watchers on Sunday, February 28th, according to Nielsen, and as mentioned, the figure represents a 64 percent dip from the 2020 Golden Globes, which some 18.4 million fans watched live. Plus, the 78th Golden Globes secured a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic, per Nielsen once again.

Furthermore, the livestream-powered happening delivered the lowest viewership total of any Golden Globes since NBC began broadcasting the event in 1996 — except for the 65th Golden Globes, that is. This 2008 edition arrived amid the Writers Guild strike, was aired as a news conference, and still brought with it six million viewers.

It’s difficult to put a positive spin on the Golden Globes’ 2021 ratings – and the numbers’ implications for events including the Grammys – but it bears mentioning that other awards shows have also parted with a substantial portion of viewers in recent years. The Billboard Music Awards, for instance, attracted an estimated 3.6 million watchers on NBC in 2020 – 55 percent less than in 2019 and, more broadly, a record low.

Year over year, November’s American Music Awards slipped 50 percent in the rating department (0.9 for the coveted 18-49 demographic) and 43 percent in total viewers, with a similar 3.8 million watchers. Nevertheless, it also bears emphasizing that The Voice 2020 ratings held relatively steady, and as something of an aside, Super Bowl LV scored fewer viewers than any big game since 2006, with a rating low not seen since back in 1969.

Possibly compounding a wider awards-show (and television) ratings descent is the fact that Grammys viewers declined substantially in 2020, before the pandemic’s domestic onset. Fired Recording Academy head Deborah Dugan levied all manner of shocking allegations in the lead-up to the event, which Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and others opted to skip.

Diddy also urged a boycott in a fiery speech at Clive Davis’s annual pre-Grammy gala, and the awards show’s ratings sunk six percent from 2019, touching a 12-year low.

Nevertheless, controversy has continued to follow the Grammys since last year’s event, including decidedly public criticism from Ellie Goulding, Tiffany Haddish, The Weeknd, Halsey, Fiona Apple, and, most recently, former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

Malik took to Twitter this morning, just five days out from the postponed Grammys’ rescheduled date, to blast the event for allegedly offering award nominations in exchange for “gifts.” At the time of this piece’s publishing, the message was still live.

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  1. Wrong Again

    The Music Monopoly has been fudging these numbers for YEARS!!!

    Look at the data they have been counting live watch parties and tv views in bars as a large number not just one view!

    Sit back watch the show the real show… The unraveling of the music monopoly.

    • Tom Hendricks

      Yes. They , the Big Three Labels, control most production,distribution, media ,and reviewers who always tell them how great they are.
      But truth is The Big Three labels that control the music industry are blocking out new music, new music styles, and ideas, to prop up the same few aging pop stars that really can’t seem to get a hit song anymore.
      These awards show block out any recognition of the peaceful music revolution, or any progressive change going on.

      • Exactly

        They can’t afford to let new music in… Has to be done by a musician and an artist and that means less rights and money to steal. Your musicianship and great resume are not going to get you a job with the monopoly.

  2. Roberto

    The people all want high quality but nobody wants to pay for it! Free this, free that, work for free, and now we have every Tom, Dick and Harry making music, movies and writing books etc. And where is this all going? Down the toilet mostly and the fans who caused it all are losing interest, LOL!

    • Greatest Art Theft In History

      The free options are meant to drive those of us who can’t give free out of business…

      Just like Starbucks… puts a store near a local coffee shop lowers the prices that you can’t afford to lower to and drive you out of business.

      What they do with streaming numbers and how they work with Spot-a-lie and YouTube is much darker…

      Greatest Art Theft In History

  3. Will

    The Grammys continue to flail year after year in a downward spiral. It’s reflective of the music industry, in general. People don’t value music. They think of it as background atmosphere instead of creative works. The product and artists that the industry pushes are terrible more often than not. It’s run by accountants who look at ROI based upon social media numbers rather than A&R (remember that title?), which means there is no long-term play with artists and development. Instead, it’s a cash grab. Sad. Things are cyclical, so we will see a resurgence again…one day.

  4. BAC

    Who will win the Best New Artist Grammy?

    I predict it will be Doja Cat because her first EP came out in 2014 and she looks like she gives a lot of head.

    Either that or Megan Thee Wet Ass Pussy.

    • Bubba Jones

      The reality is there is no best new artist this year as they all suck. It should go to Neil Young.

  5. BAC

    All these shows should die.

    “Awards” for music.

    Such a scam!

    • Wally

      But they won’t because they still get sponsors, sell ads, get millions to watch and promote artists and shows, which bring in more money.

  6. Angelito

    Hahaha! Everybody HATES celebutard narcissistic blowhards spouting socialist nonsense from their multimillion-dollar mansions.

    Bruce Drunkstein can pound sand. FUK UR SOCIALISM. FUK UR MASKS.

    • Geronimo

      More idiocy from you. Get a hobby already, you loser.

    • Kathi McEln

      Everybody except the millions of people who tune in. Duh, much?!

  7. MusicIsEverything.

    Golden Globes have no point for being on tv… a string of acceptance speeches for awards that have no meaning. The show doesn’t do anything, doesn’t provide anything, doesn’t showcase any talent itself.. (except for monologue of inside jokes).
    The is no value to the production…. and apparently no longer to advertisers anymore either.
    It takes work to coordinate the show, but it’s like Seinfeld premise. A show about nothing. It’s another of a million industry self congratulatory events to create a reason to ask for higher fees.
    Grammys can showcase talent, can provide something to a tv audience.
    For all awards shows… a speech is a speech is a speech. Can be streamed live while doing other things. Can be rewatched anytime anywhere without missing anything. Reading a phonebook of random names is not interesting. About time audiences stopped tuning in and pretending there is nothing else to do in the world than listen to names being listed like a phonebook.
    Golden Globes be gone.
    On with music.

    • Desmond

      There is value in the products as millions still watch, despite lagging numbers. There is also a value in the results from these awards shows as there is a proven uptick in revenue associate with each artist, movie tv show, etc.

  8. JustMy3cents

    Never knew the Golden Globes was even on tv, until my 79 yr old mother mentioned it. (even then, had no reason to watch)
    Yet, with Oprah’s firepower machine, I knew when her interview special was on, even though I’d never otherwise look for CBS network.

    Content + Topical = a chance at being viewed.
    Music is the most universal languge on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If the Grammy Awards fails to attract, maybe it’s still too much non-music.
    If you dont bring consumers back into music performance NOW!!, don’t expect them to just ‘show up’ when you start gigging again.

    • Cuz Wamen

      Oprah Was On Jeffery Epsteins Flight Manifesto And Her School Has Been Busted Severial Times For Misusing Girls.

      • Mary

        That’s actually a lie. What makes idiots post made-up stuff?

        • J. Rollin

          They are sad and need attention their parents never gave them.

    • Donnie

      Your screen name is over and done with. What a joke – a stupid slogan that idiots glom onto while other take donations and get away with raping America. Super.